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(( Is it bad that I cried?
I really needed this.
Thank you, quiet place. ))

Reblogging myself.
I still have the tab open.
I really needed this. T__T <3


Oh god. <3 Going here everyday.

if you follow me do this please i like cried 

Caught deep in passion, I don’t know if it’s simple lust, true attraction, or curiosity……but I know its something 

1) Thermochromic Urinal: It heats up and creates  patterns from the Urine

2) Staring Urinal

3) Sacred Urinal

4) George Bush Urinal

5) Urinal Fail
Sums up my life


Ja Rule ft. Vita & Lil Mo - Put It On Me

FOREVER a classic.

Ja Rule always has those epic I’m almost crying scenes in his videos

"I aint spent one rap dollar in three years holla"

If I text a person in the same room as me, I stare at them till they get it.

Last night

Was the type of night where you never post the pictures